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Eames Lounge Chair Restoration

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica Restoration

About a year and a half ago, I had purchased an Eames Lounge Chair replica from a second hand shop here in Seattle. It was in relatively decent shape, cheap, the leather was original/real and the wood was not splitting or delaminated at all. Still, it needed some love. I did not know much about restoring furniture, upholstery, or many other minor, but necessary, aspects in renovating this chair. But, what I did know was that I REALLY wanted one, and that I could never afford a new or original model.

When I first started this restoration, I did not have a real camera, nor did I have the shop space I do now. So this Blog may have gaps or steps with little or no imagery. Sorry, but again, I will try to include as much as possible. Also for the material purchased, I went to Pacific Fabric, which is really close to my house here in seattle.

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Craigslist Finds: Labour Day 2017 Edition

Well if you can believe it, and I do not think anyone can given the weather that we have had this summer and the fact that we have been able to not have our air conditioning on ALL WEEK in August… it is that Back to School, Labour Day weekend time again. Which is not as sad as it used to be when you were a kid and had had just had 3 months off and now have to go back to actually doing things you do not wanna do, learning and getting up on time. Not sure as an adult if we did be able to handle the shock as well and those resilient children…Because every day is the closest you will ever be to shooting spitballs in class. Which is why you decorate your house with cool stuff instead. Allow us…

Helping your Eames Lounge replica match your current decor

The 60-30-10 rule for colors means that you should divide the color scheme into percentages of color use.

60% of the color chosen should be the primary color of your room design. You can implement this on the walls, floor, curtains, and even some furniture pieces.

30% will be a secondary color, having only half the saturation as the primary color without competing for attention in your design, but contrasting and creating depth.

Finally, 10% of the color, called accent color, should be a third of the secondary color. Its purpose is to give interest and contrast to the color scheme.

For instance, if your room s primary color is gray, blue can be a secondary color and pink accent color.

You can also use a color wheel to help find a match for the colors you want to use.

At Herman Miller s Design Yard, A Way of Living Is Also A Way of Working

Four offices in nine years. My grand tour of my workplace has taken me to two floors, providing various views from different directions. Now I sit at the end of a hall.

Herman Miller sues Madison Seating

Michigan furniture maker Herman Miller has announced that it is taking legal action against online retailer Madison Seating for unauthorized use of its trademarks and improper marketing and sales of Herman Miller products, including the Aeron task chair.

According to Herman Miller press representative Nick Butterfield, the company filed a legal action in the Northern District of Illinois today to stop Madison Seating, which previously operated as L. Cohen Group/, from “selling Herman Miller used products without prominently identifying the products as used or pre-owned, and also from confusing the public about the company s association with Herman Miller.”

When contacted for a response, a representative from Madison Seating said they do not comment on pending litigation (this was after visiting a website that had Aeron Chair in the metadata and calling a phone number that mentioned Herman Miller as the first of its many designer brands). Herman Miller claims Madison Seating s manager, Levi Cohen, is in violation of a previous consent decree that prohibits him from engaging in “infringing activities.”

This is not the first time Herman Miller has taken action to protect its copyright or fight against knockoffs. In 2012, the company sued Canadian firm New American, Inc. for making imitation Eames furniture. Midcentury furniture is big business, and claims over copyright have led to other lawsuits in the industry, such as the George Nelson Foundation, which has close ties to Herman Miller, suing Modernica over the Bubble Lamp in 2013. Herman Miller also took action against the company regarding the Shell Chair. They are not the only ones; Restoration Hardware and others have gone to court to protect their designs.

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